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75-90), all the terms are Kurdish. Source: Prof. A. Hassanpour, Nationalism and Language in Kurdistan 1918 – 1985 Se hela listan på kurdishpeople.org The main varieties are «Kurmanji» (Northern Kurdish), chiefly spoken in Kurdistan, in the border area between Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq; and «Jurdi» often called «Sorani», chiefly spoken in Iran and Iraq. Kurdish is generally written in a variation of the Arabic script, though the Roman script is also common. Sorani is the variety of Kurdish spoken in parts of Iraqi Kurdistan and some Kurdish areas of Iran.

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SUBSTANTIVES. § 1. The Absolute State of the Noun. A Kurdish noun in the absolute state,. i.e. without any ending of   This rule accounts for the fact that every sentence in Kurdish must consist of a NP as a grammatical subject and a verb phrase as a predicate.


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Sorani kurdish grammar

It is directed at anyone who would like to learn the Sorani language – whether as a holiday- → Kurdish conversion (Sorani) Arabic <> Latin alphabet → Kurdish language: dictionary, grammar → Kurmanji Kurdish keyboard (Latin alphabet) Kurmanji, Sorani (Central Kurdish) and South Kurdish form a group of Kurdish dialects. Between these dialects there are differences in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. In addition, the Sorani-Kurdish is, in contrast to the Kurmanji, usually written in Persian script. Sorani. Sorani is spoken mainly by Kurds from Iran (about 7 million) and Kurdish verbs are no exception. It will take many hours of study for a student to master the Kurdish verb set, so what you see here is only to give you a taste of the richness and depth that will follow when you decide to pour your efforts into studying Sorani Kurdish. There are three main verb categories in Kurdish: Simple, Compound, and Split.

Soranî is usually written in the Arabic script,  Sorani Kurdish Vocabulary. Circumflexed vowels follow takes a direct object either in Kurdish or in English). Generally, compound verbs are listed under the  If you are about to travel to Kurdistan, this is exactly what you are looking for! We will teach you: How to say Hello! and Goodbye in Kurdish!
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Sorani kurdish grammar

This brief book is an aid for anyone who wishes to begin the study of Sorani. Second only to Kurmanji in importance, the dialect of Kurdish spoken primarily in  Omslagsbild: Kurdish (Sorani) dictionary & phrasebook av English-Persian and Persian-English concise di together with a simplified grammar of the Persian  kazakiska zatillan · kroatiska mglorija · Kurdish (Sorani) Estere · Kurdish (Sorani) Estere · persiska mehran vaezi · persiska media-alone girl. grammar · dictionary · proverb Korean · Kurdish Kirmashani (Kalhuri) · Kurdish Kurmanji · Kurdish Sorani · Kurdish Zaza · Latvian · Lithuanian · Mongolian  Fler titlar om: Svenska språket · Kurdiska språket · Sorani (språk) · Svenska som främmand Grammatik · Kurdish language: visa fler Grammar, Comparative  ▻Laki-Kurdish (4). ▻Kurdish (3).

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